Umplayable after the last patch

Tested both in modded multyplayer and vanilla. Singleplayer too. There are huge frame issues with this patch things should be tested before releasing them this is not early access anymore. Bug can be expected however cripple the whole experience because with a patch you broke the optimization is no more acceptable in this stage.
Test things before releasing them you will save a lot of time for yourself and also you will avoid people that actually paid for the game to get upset.

Please fix Asap.


Seconding… there are lag issues (ping at times up to 400 ms max from the normal 53ms) and fps issues (I normally play around 50 fps, post-update could go down to 1-5 at times. It seems to oscillate a lot and is unrelated to whether I am close to constructions or not.

THis is actually happening in many servers modded or not. And in some cases servers are even crashing a lot.

Its why I’m here… Games unplayable.

Lag is unberable, frames drop to about 5 and shoot back into the 30s before dropping again slowly and becoming unplayable. Constant rollercoster. Turned on FPS limits and adjusted settings thinking it was my PC…the same PC I have played hundreds of hours on. Surprise! Nothing I did could fix it, be it graphics or otherwise.

Which regions are you all in?
Also server numbers might be a good start.

Also another thread seems to exist here;

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