Unable repair weapons and create builds after attribute reset(Yellow Lotus potion)

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands

Bug Description:

Unable repair weapons and create builds after attribute reset.

Bug Reproduction:

Just reset the attribute points and now i cant do repair and create builds and weapons.

Greetings Exile, and welcome to our forum!

Thank you for your report. Can you share with us which method you used to reset your attributes?

We await your reply.

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I used the Yellow Lotus Potion

Hi @lquintero07 and welcome to the community! I am not certain if you are a newer player or not, so forgive while we check something. The Yellow Lotus potion resets both your Attributes and also your Knowledge points. When the Yellow Lotus potion is used, much like your Attribute points, any spent Knowledge points are refunded (you retain the same amount you had beforehand), but you just need to redistribute them again. Did you happen to redistribute them after consuming the said potion my good fellow? If not just reinvest your Knowledge points in the ones you had previously, and you should be able to repair your weapons and create your placeables and building pieces again. If this does not make sense please just let me know and I can expand upon or simplify this.

Ps- there are also other potions you can learn in game which only reset either Attributes or Knowledge, NOT both simultaneously if you would like me to tell you how…?

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Hi Croms_Faithful

Thanks for the info. Yes i’m new in the game.

The problem is the knowledge section says i don’t have points to spend and the build section says i’m not able to build nothing.

This happened automatically after i take the reset potion.

I have images to show you, just let me know where to sent because im not able upload here.



Thank you for getting back to us. We updated your forum rank and you should now be able to share images and links.

We await your reply.

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Thanks @Mayra

Below the images:

Here it says i spend all my knowledge points:

And here, nothing is showed:

Generally the objects have 3 dots in the first images and I press X into them and they show in the build section, but this time that doesn’t happen.

Is this a bug or it is something I’m doing wrong?

Hi there again @lquintero07.

Be sure to provide Mayra with any additional information which she requests, as it will give the team a better chance of reproducing and resolving the bug.

Unfotunately the yellow lotus potion is currently bugged, and it has reared its nasty head on a few occasions now. There is an acknowledgement of the issue here.

Based on the images you have shared, it appears that the yellow lotus potion has refunded your points, but for some reason it will not let you redistribute them. And if that is indeed the case, then I cannot say that I had encountered that issue yet. But in terms of possible recourse, @lquintero07 the report says that you are a Singleplayer. I am also purely a Singleplayer. Had you used the Admin Panel at all yet?

Hi @Croms_Faithful,

Sure just let me know what additional information you need from me, probably i forget something to add in the post.

As additional information, after using the potion i can set the attributes points.
And in few times, using the X on the crafting buildings icons, they show but only on crafting building that not works for constructions elements.

About the admin panel, yes i already used it and i changed the option “Drop equipment on death” just that.

At this point, I’m afraid to ask but Do you recommend me create a new game and start from scratch again?

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Thank you for getting back to us. We will investigate your case and if our team needs any additional information we might reach out to you again.

Thank you for your patience while we review this matter.

Unless you feel compelled or desire to start all over again @lquintero07, I personally would say: oh my goodness no. Not meaning to sound like I am preaching, but you appear to be level 45, and that would be a lot of lost time and progress in my books, and an absolute, hands down, last resort. But I still have a couple of workarounds in mind that we could try our hand at.

Probably goes without saying, but at this point avoid the yellow lotus potion entirely. While it can detract from the immersion just a wee bit, your best bet is to respec, both your Attributes and Knowlege using admin. So when you load up your game, go to Settings > Server Settings > down to General > and click on the ‘make me admin’ option like you normally would, and exit out. Now when you next go to the Attributes or Knowledge menus you will see along the bottom of the screen: press Triangle to reset Attributes/Knowledge in the respective menus. I would recommend resetting your Attributes this way until a fix arrives. It is the method I use to reset Attributes on my Singleplayer game and, touchwood, I have had no issues with it thus far. Have not tried to use it to reset my Knowledge for sometime now, as I have been working on amassing additional points. But given you already cannot reallocate your knowledge points, try resetting them using this method then see if it will let you reassign them thereafter. At this point there is really nothing to lose. And if that does not work then I still have a couple more ideas we can try out. :smiley: Good luck lquintero07!

Hi @Croms_Faithful, @Mayra

Thanks both of you guys to help me with this problem.

Right now with the trick that @Croms_Faithful mentioned I’m able to reassign the knowledge points.


NICE! I am very relieved to hear that the workaround was successful and that can now resume adventuring and having fun lquintero07. If by chance you happen to feel that the admin reset is an immersion killer, you can always go and meet with an NPC named Child of JhebbelSag, who will teach you the the recipe for 3 potions below, two of which provide an additional means to reset Attributes & Knowledge, although separately, unlike that currently troublesome yellow lotus potion.

Not sure if they are also currently bugged or not though. @sestus2009 or @stelagel, do either of you fellas happen to know if they are?

Now just finally before I stop rambling on @lquintero07, a couple of other admin related quality of life suggestions for a fellow Singleplayer which I like to use, just in case you were unaware of them. When you make yourself admin using the process outlined above, ie-

1)You can also go to the Building option and activate ‘disable building abandonment’ to turn off decay, and activate ‘allow building anywhere’, which does what it says, but will even let you put bedrolls down in dungeons near bosses, to save re-running them if you die.
2)In the Purge menu, if you set ‘purge level’ to 4, you will increase you chances of getting human purges, and therefore named T4 craftsman slaves. (turning it up to 5 or 6 will more likely result in animal purges).
3)Finally, after making yourself admin, if you go to the map screen, you may see another option involving the Triangle button down the bottom of the screen named Admin Teleport. You can use it to teleport yourself across the Skyrim style, as opposed to using the Maproom (if you have built one yet). Handy if you are short on time.

Now please do not feel obligatted to use any of these settings, they were little more than suggestions. You always have fun your own way ok lquintero07.

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I have been able to use the Bestial Memory potion both crafted and dropped off 1skull animals just fine, reset my attribute points without any issues. I wouldn’t know about the knowledge variant, though.
I have yet to need to try one.


That is good to know, thanks Catastrofus. :+1:

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There is a weird function on yellow lotus potions but so far, midnight alchemy seems to be safe! At least speaking from my own experience! I don’t do yellow potions years now!

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No myself either. I just do not trust it not to delete my Knowledge anymore.

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Actually, from the pictures posted by OP originally, to me it seems like the solution would’ve been the opposite :slight_smile: They didn’t need to avoid the potion, but rather use a second one.

Why? Because based on those pictures it looks like they reset their knowledge points, but then proceeded to spend them all on other stuff and not leaving enough to unlock their weapons and the building feats :slight_smile:
(The picture says: Available: 0 / Spent: 281)

Who knows, probably picked up some religions or something super expensive without noticing

As for OP: As you found out, you can only repair things you know how to craft, hence why you couldn’t repair your weapons, since you probably didn’t unlock them again. In any case, glad you sorted it!!

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