Unable to buy weapons, tools with obols

Unable to buy weapons, tools with obols.

Try relog. Sometimes it fixes the merchants.

but all merchants are not working

Know issue. I’ve never been able to buy the braces at the head hunters wagon at skulker’s end. Just will not sell it to me. It’s not the only merchant people are having issues with. There are several threads on this same subject.

I had the same issue long time ago when sorcery was introduced my merchants didn’t sell and i couldn’t spawn in the Ob coins or even cats. I discovered it was just simply an outdated mod I thought I switched off that was causing it. Since then no issues. If your on single player I suggest checking your mods if you use any if your not then I hope your problem gets fixed soon.

Private, SP, PC

I play on the official server pvp

everything was ok but after updating version 3. everything fell

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