Unable to connect to official server 1819

Game mode: [PVE-C Official Server 1819]
Type of issue: [Multiple users unable to connect to server, some able to intermittently connect, others unaffected]
Server type: [PVE-C]
Region: [US]

This server has been intermittently unreachble for myself and other users for 2 days now. Other users are fully unable to connect, while some are able to connect without issue. I, and other users, have opened tickets to gPortal who have done nothing to remedy the issue. This is not an isolated incident as a funcom employee keeps asserting. That is wrong, and insulting. This is your problem. Fix this or you risk killing your already small playerbase. I swear to god I give you guys so much patience but when theres a severe issue like this and you take to the forums and INSULT players it is beyond the pale.

fix this now.

I am also on 1819 but do not have trouble logging on. However, once I did. From the screen that says “Choose your combat mode,” click “Skip.” That should get you on. At least it does for me when I have trouble.

right there with ya man this is a load of garbage… and they don’t give a F if you lose all your stuff even to hackers… trust me I know.!

I have the same issue, have not been able to connect to a few different officials the last 2 days. Connecting via a VPN or mobile hotspot is working.

There appears to be ISP routing issues that are impacting west coast g-portal servers:

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