Official Server PVE-C 1818 still down, possible update of status pls :)?


As the post title states, the server is still down and has been for several hours now. Can we get a possible update on this?

Thank you in advance!

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I’m in the same boat on 1819. I contacted support and I hear nothing back. Thanks Funcom.

type this is google search

pretty much the server in the NW pacific region are all down via their provider.

Seconded! An update would be nice!

Guys, Funcom doesn’t host the servers. You want to contact G-Portal, they are the host company.

Yup “via their provider”, although their provider has other servers up. Unless their West Coast, or NW Pacific arm of their servers are the only hosts that are down.

According to this site, about 30% of the servers are down.

yeah more and more from different regions are starting to pop up now. Hopefully Funcom and put the pressure on G-portal to speed it up, or at least a public statement of whats going on.

Unfortunately we may not see much for a few more hours. It’s 2:30 am in Oslo right now.

Bumping my own post including others with similar posts.

Did you report the server

1819 came up at the usual time it has its daily reset, so it was down for almost exactly 24 hours. Yours is probably up again, too. Still haven’t seen any word on why so many servers were down for so long, but it looks like something screwed up with the daily cycle.

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