Unable To Dye Pictish Rite Dancer Armour

As stated in the title, am unable to dye the Pictish Rite Dancer armours, with the exception of the arm bands.

This is a norm for almost every BP/Bazaar armor.
You get less for more.

Tf??? My bazaar doesn’t have this. :exploding_head:

It was there very briefly. Then it was replaced. Probably a mistake, but he was still able to buy it, @jmk1999 . :smile:


Oof… probably in the middle of the night when us Yankees are sleeping… :tired_face:

It was a few days ago. I missed it too. :smile:

SMH… oh well… it was probably like $50 anyway. :neutral_face:

:laughing: I don’t know how much it cost, but yeah, probably it wasn’t cheap.

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There’s no “probably” going to be found in that assumption.

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I believe it was around 1,000 for the bundle. Including wallpaint (will never use), the dance emote and the armour.

I’m one that most will despise, if I like something, I buy it. I don’t even really look at the price. :person_facepalming:t2::rofl:

Bought it while I could. I’m sure it’ll be back again soon. :+1:t2:

Let’s hope the next version is dyeable and yours gets the upgrade, @everybodyvsME .

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You’re right… I got my pitchfork ready to take you down and all you stand for right now. :neutral_face:

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