Unable to harvest star metal

Single Player
Exiled Lands

Bug Description:

Unable to harvest star metal

Bug Reproduction:
New game, mods removed, do the vanilla steps to harvest the metal

More info. What have you tried? Meteorite Starmetal has to have the outer shell of molten rock broken away first.

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Here’s an idea… Try harvesting the starmetal with a t4 pickaxe. Hardened Steel Pick or higher is required to obtain the ore. An Acheronian Pick does not work.


Yes I remove the outer casingAnd I use a steel pick. I will make a hardened steel pick though and see if that works, but I used to get some star metal with a steel pick?
Back once I have been able to use a hardened steel one.

I believe this is the issue. There was an update that allowed harvesting starmetal with lower level picks. A more recent update reset it to Hardened Steel and above, i.e. Black Blood and Star Metal.

I am told, but have not tested it, that the Archonian Pick no longer can harvest Star Metal.

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You will need hardened steel pick and use some explosive arrows to remove the outer casing - Starmetal is meant to be a high level material and therefore not easy to get.

I know that a explosive is needed I am a long time player, I used explosive arrows.

Also I have often used steel picks to get star metal while daily playing since the start so this is a recent change that I have missed hearing about.

I have used Hardened steel and found one meteor and managed to get enough to last me a few daays ty for your help Harperson.


You’re very welcome.

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