Unable to join - Official PVE 2585

Played until late last night without issue. Attempted to log in today and received the dreaded “unable to join” message. Havent found any helpful resolution topics and seems to be a fairly pervasive issue with others at times. Friend is logged on now but is only person on server. Maybe its a log in server issue?

I’ve tried all possible troubleshooting… resetting router, xbox, game mutliple times… cleared xbox memory cache… redownloaded entire game…

Able to log into other servers but all of our work is on 2585.

Please help or restart server!


Same. Waiting on server reset. Hope that fixes the prob. Just 12 hours to go.


UPDATE: So it seemed to have been fixed for the last two days, but then suddenly today it is back. I think it may have something to do with server resets temporarily fixing the issue, but it also seems to be reoccurring. I have turned the system off for now and will try again later, however it’s frustrating as we just got sabretooths and a great gorilla. Hoping we don’t get purged while we can’t access O_O;.

Hope you got in! Great game but these odd errors kill the experience.

So at this point, it seems to be fixed for two days then back to the error the next day. I tried logging in tonight and got the error. A.g.a.i.n… nothing changed on my end.

please fix this reoccurring issue. It would be a great game if I could play it.

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You guys are definitely not alone with this issue. Me along with some family and friends recently picked this up. Some of us bought the game along with the dlc. And we can’t log into our server 2508 with pve conflict. What’s crazy is after some researching it seems this happens on and off a lot. The fact you can be purged when it’s not an error on your end is a mood killer for sure.

Yea 2508 is acting up. Ughhh

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2508 is always acting up. I sent a ticket September 21st about this and it fixed for a while, but started acting up again.

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This is normal for this server??? What’s crazy is having to do research to figure out what was wrong. But I saw after all we’ve built that this server used to be super bad. Apparently a clan called used to build over everything? We’ve ran into a few places we can’t access already Q.Q

Yea the server’s always having some problems, wondering if moving servers will even help.

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Greetings Exiles,

In the future, please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket. Make sure to select “Official server performance” as the issue type.

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here: