Unable to join server

Official server filled with one guild? Is this a bug? They are all level 50? Same name of all members. Then it cleared and normal names loaded in and the other guild names was gone?

Finally get in and doors are missing. No event log. High level items in locked rooms missing. Chests gone that were filled with thrills? What’s going on?

Things are loading in super super slow and only if I stand by them sometimes.

#2509 has been like this for a few days. I had an altar decay overnight in one of my buildings a couple weeks ago.

Are they trying to make us quit?

Did your stuff come back, mine appears to be back, I haven’t looked at every chest though.

What is going on? I’ve been in the game 15 mins and the lag is so bad nothing is loading in again.

So newest is that I’m losing thralls now and they are not showing up on my event records. One was in a fence box.
Still showing the crazy guild name as pictured before.
Do admins really read these pages?

I too have problems try to get in servers was thinking it was a bug but then I realized its not a bug :bug: the servers are just filled up :point_up_2: and there’s not enough servers to go around silly me though it was a bug.

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