Xbox server official 2510 won’t load in

For some odd reason every few weeks I have an issue where the official server I play on 2510 won’t let me load in it says failed to join game request my brother also plays on the server with me and he has the same issue the only fix for the issue seems to be to wait till the following day after a server restart has happened does anyone know any other ways I could fix this issue so I can play today

Yes I’m having the same problem on my server

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Looks like we’re gonna have to play sub nautical since conans done forever

I mean I expect my base to be in shambles once I’m able to log on next week lol.

I’m assuming no one will help with this issue sad to see I suppose PC players are the only ones helped by the devs in these forums

I wouldn’t say that. I play on PC and there are times I can’t get on as well…Like from June til October of last year for example. I can get on now but for how long. The next time they change something I might not be getting on and all you console players will be, lol.

I’m sure they are trying to help everyone they can. It all takes time I guess. Probably not THIS much time but who knows. I’ve been involved in software development of a different nature and it’s not always fun to play around with. It’s like…fix one bug, create 3, fix one of those and solve one of the others by accident and make 2 more bugs, lol.

I wish everyone could play. It sucks that people on console are having this much problem. I feel for ya man. Hang in there. :slightly_smiling_face: