Xbox One Sever Issues

Is anyone else on Xbox One having the same issues as I am?

I try to find my server and every time it searches for it, it’ll immediately crash the game?
[My Server is currently running]

Every time I equip a bow I get dc I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact I play inverted. Also I can’t play on my friends private server I get an instant dc as soon as I log in.

Everything was fine b4 yesterday’s update

I can’t find any pve servers
And only hand full of PvP on Xbox since update yesterday nothing loads at all same with couple friends of mine
I’ve let it sit for 5 min then it stops even trying to load it just says 0 of 1000 something
And PvP will load hand full of servers after about 4 to 5 min of loading

getting in does take awhile but i hope someone has let them know that furnaces, dryers, camp fires, and who knows how many other facilities aren’t working. i also tried tearing one down and replacing it with ‘post patch’ new one, but can’t even place the new one… Anyone else experiencing same?

since update i cant find any servers at all tried for hours on every variation, i was playing on an official server 1200 now i can only play single player anyone else having same issue? :cry:

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Xbox Servers have been showing up in my list. It might take a few minutes, but they are there. I could not find one of the four Official Servers that I play on this morning, but after the Official Server reboots at 5:00 am EST that server was back in the list.

Has anyone rented a server, but can’t find their servers?

I have a question for anyone who can answer it…

Has there been a discussion on allowing Xbox gamer’s to use a secondary Xbox as a server instead of the monthly fee servers? Ark is done that way, just wondering… It is such a bother having to use another’s server and take time to build / level up and one day they just don’t feel like paying the monthly fee anymore. I’m a single parent and cannot fit that into the budget along with my child’s extra activities or I’d get my own server. Since that isn’t the case for me, it would be nice to use my other Xbox as a server to play Conan on with more than 4 people.

Also, I’m not sure if this the right post for this question so I’m also posting it elsewhere, but please do respond if you have an answer. Thanks!