Unable to Loot items from quick loot menu after 7/4 patch

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

When Killing an NPC after the patch on 7/4 I am unable to loot their items through the quick loot window. They can be looted if their inventory window is opened. Chests and other container’s can still be looted through the quick loot window as normal.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find an NPC
  2. Dominate Them
  3. Highlight item in quickloot window
  4. Press the X button

I can’t quick loot anything, no chests, no benches, no dead bodies

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It is buggy but note they changed the button from x to o for quick loot and crafting. But having said that, it is working inconsistently anyway.


My X button still works for crafting, but I never tried to quick loot with O, I could still do it with X (but inconsistently).

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Interesting because on mine it changed the icon on the craft button, not just the quick loot window. If I play later I’ll try x on the craft window.

Edit: For me x on quick loot removes highlight cursor and you have to select item all over again.

My icon isn’t changed, but am still going to try the O button today anyway, who knows, anything is possible in Conan Exiles.

Yeah, x in the recipe window of a station or the hand craft window closes the window for me now. Odd your icons did not cgange. Could be because you did not start a new game maybe? Always inconsistent with this game.

Yeah, the buttons are the same, at least visually, and they also work in the crafting stations as per usual. But let me log in and check if they do anything differently while looting enemies. Even though the prompts look the old way.

And yes, I didn’t start a new game, it’s my usual character. Well, actually my second, my old save was gone.

EDIT: nope, no change here, buttons are the same as before patch. There is no O prompt here for any actions at a crafting station, O will only close windows. And same for containers.