Unable to move after teleport spawn in and beeing knocked out by enemies

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [eu]

happened to me now twice since the update.

  1. i teleported to dagons eye, where panthers are around, when i spawned in i was knocked out by a panther and was not able to stand up. only relog helped.
  2. teleported back from dagons dungeon, during the spawn in at the jungle i was knocked out by a grey ape, same effect, not beeing able to stand up or move, was in first person mode even when equipping a weapon. only relog helped

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Grunt, thank you for submitting this issue!

As you’ve said that it has happened twice, does that mean that you’re always able to reproduce it?

Did it happen in an Official server?

Also, could you please provide more detailed information on how to successfully reproduce the issue, including equipment worn and whether you had any admin modifiers on?

A video would also be helpful!

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