After teleportation I found myself under the textures :D (video)

Game mode: Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

After teleportation I found myself under the textures.

1.Made a teleport from an underwater dungeon
2.I found myself under textures with the inability to perform any actions. ( the animation didn’t work and I couldn’t move)
3.Made a relog to the game (solved the problem)

This also rarely happened when I teleported to an Unnamed city. My character was standing motionless with the animation not working. And only relog helps me.
(I don’t remember exactly, I might be wrong):The character always stands in a fighting stance.

I’m not asking for a solution to the problem, just informing you about it. I hope that my desire to report this error will not be considered spam.

P.S: Sorry for the bad English. I hope you understand me :grimacing:

Hi @rascal, thank you for reaching out, this issue usually occurs both due to lag and desync, it should normalize after waiting a bit for the server and client to catch up with one another.

Could you let us know how long did you wait before doing a relog?

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I recorded a video and got distracted from the game for a while. I made a relog in 5-7 minutes.

Yes, I forgot to specify that it happened on Sunday local time (in the evening) on the server (on servers and in the game) there were a lot of people.

Thank you for providing further details, we’ll register this matter for the team to look into.

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