Unable to search for LoX Nano NCU in GMI

Say you want to search for full (6/6) nano ncus.

Searching for LoX Nano NCU in GMI fills the search results with with 1/6, 2/6, and 3/6 variants, so you can’t see the 6/6 variants.

There are two things that distinguish the fully-loaded versions from the unloaded.
The first is “(6/6)”, but the slashes and brackets get filtered out.
The second is the identifier “3F”, which is unique to the 6/6 nano variety, but this term is too short and gets filtered out.

Ultimately, the only way to locate the finished Nano NCUs on the GMI is to already own one.

Maybe as a work-around you can search for “Type 3F” (including the quotes). I think that should only show results for Abilities NCU - Type 3F (6/6) and Nano NCU - Type 3F (6/6).

Thank you very much, this works.
Why, I have no idea. Any of the other strings I tried in quotes returned nothing.
"3F " nope
“(6/6)” nope
“e 3F” nope

You can also change from “All Orders” to “Sell Orders” to make it possible to only see what people are selling. Also, change the default “max value” by adding a few more 0’s at the end.