Unable to search games on PS4

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Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug || Misc
Region: America

Well I posted about this in another thread on general that seemed related, but it might be best if I properly ask for help in the Bugs area. I seem to still have the search issue that plagued so many earlier this morning. I’ve already fully uninstalled and reinstalled the game to see if that helps. I’ve also restarted the PS4, disconnected and reconnected my LAN cable, tested the internet connection, verified I can access the playstation store, and power cycled my home router. I don’t seem to have any other proxy or traffic issues other then not being able to search for my own private server.

Searching in general just doesn’t seem to work the way it is for everyone else. Checking invalid and full doesn’t help this process. No matter how I play with the server list it just keeps hanging and returning no values. More importantly (because I’m far past just refreshing for hours) I’m not able to find a server that I know the name for, i keep getting things like 0/167 until eventually pressing refresh to start this fruitless search all over again.

I’ve also verified that others can access my server without problems.

I have a 200 meg down and 20 meg up connection and it is speed testing on the play station at 260 mbps down and 37.3 mbps up.

Repro steps:

The strange thing I find about this is that you say that it shows 0/167 servers. It looks like it found servers but it is not showing it to you. Did you select any filters? Did you select internet when you were searching for servers? Maybe if you select official only it will show some?

Ok I think I know what the problem is but I have no idea how to fix it. For whatever reason, despite the fact that I’m living in San Antonio I have the lowest pings to EU servers like 400 range, my Americas server pings are all like 1200, this in spite of being physically in Texas.

So if anyone in IT is actually looking at this and has any suggestions on what to do to fix this I’m willing to try it out.

I’m having a issue that i only get 5 playable servers showing up

I have the same problem since the beginning of the game. It’s really strange I start the Game and try to search for servers during the loading screen everytime I lose my PSN and also my completely Network connection with my router. It’s since the beginning and please help us out dear Team. I lose every connection but I can still speak in a party. Regards IvaN