Unable to take screenshots

Game mode: any
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type: any
Region: Europe
Hardware: Xbox series X

Bug Description:

Screenshot failed
Error 0x82323018

It looks like Conan Exiles was put on the list of games where screenshots and clips are prohibited.

I have restarted the game and the console a few times, but no change.
I was able to take screenshots just 4 days ago (see my previous bug report)

Expected Behavior:

Screenshot been taken when pressing the dedicated button

Steps to Reproduce:

press the “share/screenshot” button on the xbox series controller

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When trying to record footage of the game, i get the message: “Capturing is disabled. Sorry, this game doesn’t allow capturing”.

I wonder why it was disabled in the last few days…

Disabel nudity settings no nacked picturs and videos allowed on x box

Funny thing is, that i haven’t changed the settings for nudity.
Also, i was able to take screenshots in Cyberpunk 2077 of my character without clothes too.


You’ll need to swicth nudity from full to partial for screenshots, been that way since launch on xbox.

Like I’ve said before, i was able to do that with full nudity just 5 days ago. Probably just a weird glitch.
Thats why i put the “?” after the word bug

Hello @ATARI.Duckman, we’ll poke the team to clarify in regards to the expected behavior here, but this does seem like the result of a temporary issue with this platform’s specific restrictions.

Sometimes the game will let you take screenshots in full nudity. Usually it doesnt. I think there is a filter that doesnt always work. But yes, you need to set nudity to at least partial before you can take screenshots or clips.

Yeah, the filter is weird.
I took all pictures i needed with the nudity set to “none”.
At least i was able to take pictures.

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