Unconscious People Block Building!


I’m really frustrated by this mode of operation, when you build buildings new players connect and then don’t come back to the server. And if it gets on your foundation you no longer have the possibility to build. It might be a good thing to prevent someone from disconnecting on one of your foundations or just make it disappear. It’s already happened twice.

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I don’t play PvP, in fact I play solo on a private server, but I can see how this could be very frustrating, the only way to prevent this is if Funcom added a condition that if a person dies on another person’s land there would be a timer that would “teleport” the dead body out of the sphere of influence of the land owner and all loot that the dead person is carrying would drop just like when you kill a NPC.

The only other option is like you suggested, after a short time they just disappear and their loot stays behind in a little bag and would also disappear if its not picked up within a short time period.

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It’s on a PvE server but your idea is very good. Especially some new players disconnect and don’t come back. He could have a shorter condition or timer for new players.

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The update comes out today. Maybe the battle areas thing will allow you to place down the battlements and then kill the player??? That would be an awesome.

It doesn’t work for unconscious people. In addition, the player must be online and accept the fight.

I hear that temperature effects still affect offline players and can possibly harm them. So maybe place a few fireplaces around the player and turn them on until they die of heatstroke?

Or maybe lure an aggressive monster to them? As far as I understand, players can still be eaten by the monster of Caerbannog while logged out.

Or just build a very tall tower around them, with the only exit on the top. Then cover the outer walls with no-climb fencing so that when they try to climb out they’ll fall to their deaths. That should teach them to go to sleep only in safe areas.

Of course, the first thing I’d suggest is to have patience and understanding with your fellow players. Especially new players may not consider what happens when they log out, so it’s only fair not to punish them too harshly for their inexperience. But once it becomes reasonably certain that they’re not going to come back any time soon, use whatever means necessary to get them off your lawn.


ROFLOL I love it!

Now THERE’S a solution. I usually build a little camp around them, but that doesn’t really solve anything (hardly a common problem for me though).

Thank you so much :wink:

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