Unconscious unique thrall disappeared in transport

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug

So, I finally found a unique fighter named Thugra north of the summoning place. Knocked him out, tied him up, started dragging him west. A little split second lag occurred, presumably loading in the players buildings around me and POOF Thugra was gone. I’ve been trying to enjoy this game since I got it on release and I just can’t deal with these annoyances anymore, this game should never have been released with all of the crap wrong with it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Own the game
2.Play it
3.Experience all the bugs listed in these forums
4.Give up on Funcom and hope they never release another game without it being finished

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Just a FYI in case you didn’t know, it’s always safer to release the rope from the thrall you’re dragging after at least 7 minutes before the thrall wakes up/despawns, since I believe releasing and re-bonding resets the unconscious timer.

That happens to me to many times. I have an elevator i have to take up to my base, and when i walk of the elevator and opens the gate poff theire gone. One time i went and did other stuff and came back, the knocked out thrall came true the floor of my base and was dead.

I always make a wheel of pain on a ground floor with, at the most, tier 2 build. Tier one is usually adequate as hopefully no one is stupid enough to leave a thrall in a wheel of pain while logged out. I’ve found that any lag, let alone a loading screen, will de spawn a roped thrall. I play PvP and so once building damage chimes on, all thralls are put in boxes unless “taming” or actively crafting something. There are soooooo many trolls on PvP that will just steal thralls from an open wheel of pain and drop it to destroy it. Usually younger players. For some reason they don’t understand that even though it’s pvp, if you make another player’s time that difficult so they have no fun, eventually you’ll run out of players to PvP with.

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Btw Volardo, that elevator floor bug thingy is a great way to hide a door. Since once the elevator is on its way up, the bottom pad of said elevator becomes non-collision, you can place the main door to your base down there and noobs won’t know where your door is. Vets will know the trick but a door in a small area is a pain to explode because you cannot drop explosives, they must be placed. And good luck hitting the door with a treb, through a one foundation sized opening! Try it and see if it works for you. Even on PvE it’s a good idea to practice base safety.

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