Under mesh spot 4 months old not fixed

Game mode: official server Conan exiles Xbox
Problem: exploit under mesh issue
Region: us

[Free text]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.f13 map location pathway into volcano building in game structure non demo next to a lava pool
2.part of the structure you can place a bedroll down under the roof of the game structures roof
3.once inside you can build and be unraidable
4.unfair advantage we have the issue on our server.

Please check the video out skip to 20 minutes in and watch then tell me if it’s acceptable to have a mesh spot still available 4 months later…no

This spot has been made unraidable as we’re the structure joins together in creative mode there’s a gap you can place the bedroll in between and parts of the domed roof in which you can decrease the height of the bedroll or bed to place inside the structure.

YouTube polar bear igloo has made a video titled raiding another under mesh base .

Skip to 20 minutes played watch and enjoy and fix it !!!

I’ve submitted 630 files to exploit hunters no response and will create multiple accounts to post via the forums I believe in fair game play but being unraidable because of an exploit meaning hard working players suffer because of the lacking fixes to mesh locations

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