Map Changes Block

Way to go guys, you changed the geometry on the Northern Aqueduct and blocked my chests with all of my iron and steel in them.

I think they refer to this as fixing exploits.

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This was a perfectly accessible spot on top of the bridge pylon.

Might of been a spot where someone could get through the mesh, so they fixed it :slight_smile:

It does suck as they don’t ever fore warn what they consider under mesh areas. If the spot you are talking about allowed for you to “hide” chests away from damage, then it is considered under mesh. I would have to check it out (i am on PS4, so not patched yet). Buring chests to only have a very small portion stick thru graphics is also considered under meshing. It is not necessarily only places under the map/gameplay area, but being able to place/get to unintended areas that they will patch on occasion.

not a big deal, its not like its hard to fill a chest with iron and steel, its for the greater good.

i dont think you can or should tell people about it, as they (exploiters) could empty the area, ?

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