Underwater death marker

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: New York

So, I died last night underwater, talk less, pay attention to my air meter, lesson learned, will repeat anyway :wink:

The tombstone showed clearly on the map but by the time I got to it darkness had set in and it was a deep dive. I searched and searched for the tombstone to no avail. Finally, as luck would have it, I ran across my corpse suspended halfway between surface and bottom and retrieved my gear. Still dark, but I hovered there til dawn and dove straight down past my corpse, no gravestone.

TLDR: Dying underwater does not produce a gravestone (assumption)

This is a private server in a friend’s home, I am not admin



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Because you’re always so willing to take one for the team, I took the Nestea Plunge off my top deck into the Pond near Trapper’s Cabin. I don’t know if that is deep enough, but what I did was mess about gathering phykos and other delectables until I heard the gagging sounds. By the time I slowly made it halfway up, I’d died. The death scene showed me doubled over, floating mid-deep in the water. Then the death marker appeared, at exactly the spot. When I ran back to my corpse (across about 5 minutes’ worth of terrain), it and the death marker were exactly as depicted, floating.

You may notice that when you die from falling with a lot of velocity that your corpse can continue to fall down a rock face, even though your death marker appears on a rock much higher on the slope. Is it possible you had contact with a ruin, or terrain under the water when you died, so that you corpse might’ve been displaced by gravity?

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Not sure, @Barnes, but I was farming brimstone, at a deep location in O4, and died as rising so was mid depth. I had left the spawn too late, but was well clear of the spires.

Was the tombstone on your body or on the bottom of the ocean? I would expect to find it on the bottom and be able to loot from there, but did not look at the body closely at all when the sun arose.



PS your death is greatly appreciated, may you have many more :wink:

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The tombstone was floating on my corpse. This was a private Vanilla server.

By contrast: I just tried a suicide dive on an Official Server, and the same thing happened as on dry land. My marker was where I went splat, and my corpse was quite a bit farther down the underwater slope.

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Got it, not a bug, perhaps a suggestion, low priority, to place the tombstone at the nearest piece of ‘ground’ vertically where death occurs. At least a few of us will know from this thread how to find our corpse underwater :smile:

Your contrast is understandable, we see dead crocs roll into the water due to the slope. In that case, we go to them, not their deathspot.

Thanks for the help !



This is a very good observation.

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