Underwater door won't open

Game mode: [Online | Private PVP]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Hello Funcom, Laides and Gentlemens !! :slightly_smiling_face::heart::slightly_smiling_face::heart::slightly_smiling_face::heart:
As the tiltle mention, the door underwater won’t open or interact. I created a small underwater fishbase and when i finish by placing the door, it won’t open.
So if anoyone has that problem or figure out a way of fixing this, I’M ALL EARS lol
Thank you in advance for the repies Much love and KeepOnGaming***

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.create a small building underwater
2.placing the door
3.door won’t open

I don’t know how to fix the door, but maybe putting a hatch frame above the water?

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Hello @Arsenalcontrol that could be a solution in the short term, now i wonder if the hatch door would open or not gonna have to try it. i might judt blow a ceiling and rebuilt all the time i go there lmao ghetto solution !! hahaha thank’s for your replies and like always KeepOnGaming !!:slight_smile:

Hello @Ragnaguard thank’s for the repile and then additional info…i’m gonna try t3 stuff and will see maybe @hugo or @Ignasi will have more details about this bug !! thanks again and KeepOnGaming :slight_smile:

I’ve tried many foundation for the door and frame etc…and the hatch door won’t open as well. i will have to wait for an official reponse i guess lol
Maybe it’s because we are not touching the ground or climbing that the door don’t prompt…i really don’t know hehehe

I’ve heard aiming for the frame instead of the door works as a workaround.


I got a door to open by spam clicking close to the edge of the door

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Nope, because in one spot I made a door that are halfway above water and while swimming it works normally on the part of it that are above water.

It’s because you are drinking water instead of opening the door, it’s the primary action when pressing your action key, it overrides the door open command, but sometimes spamming works.


Thank’s for all the replies guy’s :slight_smile:
@idjiit when swiming on top of water, hard to explain you are like you walking but under water there is no physical floor same thing with climbimg you actually hold on to something.
@MaxStone could be that the promt get confused by the water drinking and the door.
@Multigun the door did open alway when aiming at the door frame thank you for that :slight_smile:
thank’s to you all once angain, Much Love and KeepOnGaming

did not work but thank you for trying to help my case :slight_smile:

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