Underwater Dungeon Bug and Others recurrent Bugs

Doing the Underwater Dungeon with my friend, these bugs below happened and we died in final Boss Temple.

1 - The Thrall of my friend just disappeared, he not follow my friend in any of underwater temples, he just gone and abandoned us.

2 - In the last temple of final Boss my Thrall was fighting near of a wall and he was hitted by the boss and enter inside the wall and disappear too, it was not enough my Thralls friend disappear during all dungeon, my Thrall bugged in a damn wall and gone too…

Beyond this problem we have those bugs that to me compromises totally my experience in game…

3 Game freezing to open a map or inventory

4 Thralls and pets disappearing or kill themselves at lava or palisades or freezing in battle without HP bar visible and ignoring our commands

5 Renderization problems with Bases, environment , players and enemies.

6 Insane numbers of crashes

7 Thrall or Pet disappear after we crash or after we die and back to take him again.

So I gave up of Conan and uninstalled, To be honest after lats update the problems got worse… I spend my money buying DLCs and my time trying have a good experience but be frustrating by those infinite bug. I dont have hope that Funcom you fixed those bugs that happen since 2017.

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