Underwater glitch/exploit

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Right now anyone can place a chair underwater, sit in it and get out. Now they’ve become Those undead guys from pirates of the Caribbean. You get to run around underwater with infinite breath. Can we please patch the underwater chair glitch

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

lol but but its so much easier to farm gold coins and bars like this

you can also log out under water and log back in with infinate breath

Yah I know, but currently our base is surrounded by water and anyone can just use the exploit to hit our base

Hey @Jer

This exploit is already known to the developers.

In the future, when reporting an exploit, you should do it via the Exploit Hunters page, see

I do think you’re aware of these facts, but you seem a little inpatient, which doesn’t really help to solve the exploit, sadly. So, I’d like to mention it anyways. :wink:

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Yea but my hope is I can still up some attention and motion towards fixing the issue. I’m a patient person I just wish the developer would focus on fixing bugs and exploits before adding new things to the game. Soon there won’t be a population to add new things if issues don’t get fixed like the invisible corpses, etc. I understand it takes time but these issues need to be a priority

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