Anyone has advise on how to raid this?

I was wondering if you can trebuchet underwater?

Those cheaters -_-

Not sure if you can, may as well test, otherwise just swim up to it and place the pots of boom. Then prepare for the onslaught of salty verbal abuse that will follow.

walk under water and use explosive and poison arrow

Can you still do the chair glitch to walk under water or is this been patch?

Sadly it’s not cheating according to funcom. You can build build there and shattered spring but can’t build in most temple in the jungle makes no sense

no but there is another way that’s super simple

Ok Imma try to look into it. If you don’t mind PM me about it.

Wearing cement shoes seems to work pretty well, or so I’ve heard :smirk:

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I bet but sadly there isn’t any lol

I did at the time but they repaired it unfortunately. We invested so much into it and the chance of it been empty by now is pretty hight. I’m fixing to give up on it and hit them again once they rebuild

Simple. Use some breathing potions to get some time underwater and craft a lot more explosive jars, since they won’t burn. But the blast will still do some dmg. You can’t use trebuchet or arrow underwater.

Yeah we tried the water is to deep. We give up on the idea to raid this. But thanks for the advice

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