Unique Animal Followers: Feedback

Hi all. I’ve just experienced taming dangerous animals and I wanted to check out all this DLC content that I’ve shelled out all this money for!

In the player’s personal crafting UI (on right-side of the inventory UI) I noticed lots of special Animal followers, like the Caravan Rhino or Pure bred Grey Rhinoceros or Savage, or the Greater Tiger.

These really do look amazing on other people’s play throughs, so I wanted to try it out for myself. I notice in the inventory that for, say, a Greater Tiger I need a White Tiger, (Check, as luck has it I just got a white tiger in the pan from growing a little Cubby), YAY!!! I’m half way there, woo!!

Hm, what else do I need for this Greater Tiger follower, hmm let’s see, ah- ‘Yamatai Fodder’. Hmm, where do I get that, or how do I make it? I do not know. This will take me some time and there is literally no way of finding this out in game without blindly stumbling across it by accident and that could take… whell- who knows how long that could take! I guess I need to tab out (again) and google something else, (yet again)…

So I am googling… I see that in order to make this special Greater Tiger, (Of which I already have the dangerous half of the recipe), I need to combine the White Tiger, (yep), with this Yamatai Fodder…


Ah… A slight… teeny…tiny…problem…

I am looking at my adorable white Tiger, filling his little cute mouth with raw stringy pink meat and now I realise that I can’t do anything with him.

Moral of this story; Please can you make a tooltip that appears as you hover the cursor over the tiger cub in the pen or better still, make a “warning/attention” pop up in the special crafting UI that the animals:


Because I’ve lost a White Rhino and a White Tiger now and I’m not happy about it. Still, I absolutely LOVE this game and I want to show my appreciation for all the hard work gone into making it, thank you for this. But it would be even more SUPER nice if we could be fore warned about placing animals before trying to craft the special version? Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

I love Conan Exiles game!!! Thank you!! :slight_smile:


I think they do it on purpose as part of the immersion and discovery aspects of CE. I mean even the pictographic equations in the benches are incomplete at beast. I had the same thoughts as it seems you’re having when I first started playing and my friend in video chat looked at me funny and said something like: What, you’re exiled into a unknown world naked and alone and you’re expecting an instruction manual to magically appear?

From that point on I just always assumed it was indeed part of FC’s vision for the game to just let everyone figure things out for themselves - as being part of the game. Even some really convoluted processes much more elaborate than special animals, are left to the player to discover without any hints of even their existence. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know what platform you’re playing on, but on PC the recipe shows on the Alchemist’s Bench where the various fodders are made.


Thanks, I’m on PC guys.

Yeah, I realised that later on, about the fodder, when I built an Alchemy bench, after being annoyed and fed up about the time wasted and fun ruined with the whole Animals thing…

But thing is, the certain animals are rare and take a lot of effort and time to find/produce, such as the White Tiger.

If we’re going to have crafting in the game, the least we could have is ways to unlock or learn the knowledge to craft the different things. I can appreciate not wanting to hold our hand with it, I actually prefer that way of playing, being an old school gamer myself.

But there are limits to how vague things can be. As a creator, you don’t want your players having to waste so much time going here there and everywhere, resorting to quitting the game to go google how to play it, levelling up all the way to unlock stuff only to find out weeks later and much time gone under the bridge, grievances dealt with and put to bed by the time you figure the stuff out that you wanted to enjoy weeks ago, yanno what I mean?

A new player is not going to know to make an Alchemy bench to train and feed Horses, Horses and Alchemy aren’t exactly the two things that one puts together in one’s mind. But I actually like the concept, it’s just that the special animals are already revealed to me, so I now know about them, but it doesn’t explain how I go about doing it.

I can handle busy work, I have made mods myself for games that require detailed recipes to craft stuff, because I want to put my subscribers through a lot of effort before they can get their hands on the cool item, by including lots of ingredients that required them to travel here and there, but it was all understandable how to achieve.

Greater versions aren’t that hard to get. I always go with a wolf, but I know the percentage chances are pretty much equal with different types. If you check the Conan Wiki:

Search for the specific cub, it’ll give you a list of foods and their chance to make a greater pet. I don’t even bother with the Shadespiced versions. For a wolf cub, exquisite meat gives a 20% chance. Just gather a few cubs, and odds are you get a greater out of one of them.

If you’re new, the best spot I know for tiger cubs is the Savannah (G-H 7 on the map). There’s always a few there, though it has a lot of hostile animals around. Like I said, I always go with wolves, so there may be a better spot that I’m not aware of for tiger cubs.

G-8 is my go-to spot for wolf cubs. It’s right by the West side of the two rivers that split coming down from Telith’s Island. There are 4 cubs there every time. Lot’s of mommy and daddy wolves though, so if you’re low level, proceed with caution.

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Yeah I spotted that carcass by Swagger Rock is it called? You’re not kiddin’ those Elephants murder the cubbies real good, you gotta be quick to grab a cub before it’s trampled all up in there. Spawn markers are too close together because the biome is too small in my opinion, it’s why they’re all constantly killing each other.

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Yup… I think it took me 5 days (4 or 5?) to get 65 Greater Bears. And all I used was honey, not the super-foods. You just need to find a reliable spot where babies always are. Then set up multiple pens and run them through. I had mine stacked 5 high for a bit. This is them reduced to just 3 - and currently I have zero.

I do have to confess, only because it allows me to compete; My first Tiger cub was a white one lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I think this game may do that on purpose… Cater to beginner’s luck. I wouldn’t doubt that the cards are stacked… in favor of a player’s first few firsts in several areas. Kinda feels like it anyway… :wink:

you made this sound so ominous ROFL!..

Now I’m expecting to get royally shafted several times in a row. I’m going to have to do all my OCD rituals and cantations now, just because my skin felt itchy of the thought!!!

1,2,3… 1,2,2 ghah dammit!


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