3.0 Testlive: Long standing follower issues and humble request

I want to preface that some of these aren’t bugs specifically introduced by the 3.0 update, but with some of the follower changes these issues are going to become worsened.
Most of what I write here is primarily about pets / non-human followers, since these are what I have most experience playing with, so for starters:

DLC Skinned pets are statistically the same, but have a drastic difference in stagger immunity.

I’ve gone and tested the greater variants of the pets from the Seekers of Dawn and Savage Frontier DLCs, and the pet skins that came with them, as a result I concluded that the greater bear, wolf, and panther from the Savage Frontier lose all stagger immunity when converted to their DLC skinned counterpart, and the greater sabretooth, crocodile, and hyena lose theirs as well from the Seekers of Dawn DLC.
Converting these pets to their skinned counterpart is a direct downgrade from just using the regular pet; I’ve tested them fighting a group of normal level 1 exiles and almost all of these DLC pets lost because they couldn’t get a single attack in due to stagger spam. This is not an issue if you don’t give them skins, because normal greater pets have a flat out immunity to being staggered, meaning they can continue to fight despite being surrounded. Using a skin on your pet is essentially weakening it for the sake of a different appearance.
I wanted to bring this up because I saw that some pets are getting new skins from either the battlepass or bazaar, and I really don’t want this to be a repeated issue. I love using the cosmetics for pets but when it’s hindering their ability to even fight, it’s just turning them into a decoration at that point.
Oddly enough, the Greater Tiger (Seekers of Dawn) and White Tiger pets are completely identical, because pet tigers already aren’t completely immune to being staggered, but have attacks that break through staggering.

Specific Followers still have bugged damage values

This is something I’ve posted about long ago, but back when the follower leveling update went live, the following pets have had damage values far lower than what should be standard:
- Black Yeti Protector
- Yeti Protector
- Scorpion (large)
- Scorpion Queen
As it stands, these followers do abysmally low damage compared to just about every other potential follower in the game. You can be still a few hours into the game, grab a hyena whelp, and even if it turns in to a normal average joe hyena, you’re already getting greater damage output than all 4 of the listed creatures. To put it into perspective, a level 0 Scorpion Queen does around 13 damage to normal exiles that have 140 health, you could kill one faster just by punching them.
I’m not a brainiac with the devkit, but my best guess is the ‘item’ that non-human NPCs use to attack has an incorrect damage value.
I’ve tested the scorpion queen with authority maxed out, and with the final perk that buffs your active follower, and it still couldn’t hold it’s own super well with around 40+ strength. Meanwhile, a greater wolf can dish out about 4-5x that damage.
While it does look like pet damage wasn’t touched when the wave of follower nerfs came out, they still have the lowered health meaning these already underwhelming pets have almost no chance of survivability when they can hardly fight one regular NPC on their own, and for how hard / tedious they are to get, it seems a bit unreasonable to have such low damage compared to other followers that take 1/10th of the effort to get.

Those are the 2 primary points I wanted to bring up, but there’s still the humble request I had mentioned, and that is:

please, bring back rotation / aim to creature attacks

The wording is weird so let me explain;
Some time before Siptah’s launch, there was a patch (I believe when Zath was introduced) where all NPCs stopped aiming at the player when using certain attacks, such as:

  • Elephant trample
  • Rhino charges
  • Frost Giant spinning attack

What these used to do was during the NPCs attack, they would slowly turn in the direction of the player / target they were after, meaning they would actually aim at what they were engaged with (and I’m sure some people remember when the tiger’s lunge would have them turning mid air to aim at the player). As it stands right now, this is removed from all NPC attacks, so if an elephant starts to charge, it’s just going straight forward from where it started the attack, with no thought whatsoever.
I know this seems insignificant, but it has made some NPC encounters just an absolute bore; once they rev up the attack, just walk 3 inches to the left or right and you’re in the clear. This is especially bad when you’re fighting the Warmaker’s Champion, and he just starts slamming in a straight line completely ignoring the position of the player.
I don’t know if there was some internal reason as to why this was removed but please reconsider adding it back, it made certain encounters feel so much more engaging, especially bosses.

Anyways, that’s the end of my short book worth of feedback.
I love this game, I love the 3.0 update, I just wish for these things to be touched on

Greetings Exile!

Thank you for your feedback. Our team appreciates the matters you brought to our attention. And although we can’t make promises to 3.0, we’ll definitely consider it in a future update.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

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