Unknown Lands | PC | PVE | Map: Exiled Lands | level cap: 300 | Starter Kit | Friendly | Active Admin

Are you looking for a friendly, community-oriented base server using the Exiled Lands map.

When joining the server you will get a Starter Kit by typing /kit to selected the starter kits.

Useful Commands are available to all such as /sethome, /home and /summon, /teleport (ex. /summon and /teleport )

Like to get involved OR even just have ideas you would like to implement on the server - by all means, bring it forward and we can work together to get it done.

A bit about the server: Unknown Lands is a 50-slot server through g-portal so there will not be any server lag to speak of
Server Wipes are never done as do not see the need for them as of yet - in saying that the server is 99% clear as the server has a new and good for at least a year so no worries in the server going down.

Even though building decay is several weeks

We do have a new UI - the most customizable UI mod in Conan Exiles history too

Server Info:
Server Name: Unknown Lands
Map: Savage Wilds
Facebook Conan Exiles (PVE-PC): Unknown Lands | Facebook
Discord: Big Gamers
(The Choose A Role is in the “role” channel)
Password: friends

Server Stats:

  • Level Cap: 300
  • General XP: x3
  • Harvest XP: x2.5
  • Crafting XP: x2
  • General Crafting Speed cut in half
  • Harvesting: x4
  • Thrall Training: x3
  • Thrall Crafting: x3
  • General Crafting: x2 faster
  • Thirst and Hunger decreased
  • DECAY TIMER dencreased (4 months)

FYI: There a few of use atm