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  • Flame-wreathed hammer of alacrity
  • Hammer of the Red Road of energy
  • Lycanthropic essence

All flower sellers have them, one in London too.


Did you reply to the wrong person? If no, what are you talking about?


WTS Pulsed energy emitter (legendary)


WTB Orochi Thermal Inverter of Alacrity Mk III Bought it. \o/


WTB [Focus of the Unwritten Talisman of Alacrity Mk III]


WTB (still) Witch Doctor’s Blade of Restoration.


WTS [Tank Commander Blade]


I got a Frost-bound hammer but sadly not restoration


Hi, WTS Radiant Vampiric Essence.

PM me via Forum or ingame.


That reminds me, I have Mihas Blaga’s dossier that I’d wish to trade for Petru’s.
Also want to sell Fiery Black Eyes. (can sell cheap if you swear to wear them continuously after that :smirk:)


Well I want that fiery black eyes…I will contact you ingame


WTT Shocking Steps, Green for Red one.



  • Agent Dossier: Amir
  • Agent Dossier: Petru
  • Sov-Tech Harmonisers of Energy Mk III (Blue quality)
  • Orochi Thermal Inverter of Alacrity Mk II
  • Shocking Steps: Green


  • Frost-Bound Hammer of Restoration

Will be willing to one-to-one trade something from the list for the hammer except the Shocking Steps.



Witch Doctor’s Blade of Energy MK III
Witch Doctor’s Shotgun of Recovery MK III
‘Eye Heart U’ logo tee, red



  • 20x Signet of Nemain


  • Agent Dossier: Carter
  • Agent Dossier: Andy
  • Flame-Wreathed Shotgun of Alacrity

WTS Flame-Charged Blaster of Energy Mk II, 9k.

PM here or Xaiax in game.