FMI — Forum Market Interface

FMI Thread Rules

1. Please use the following tags in your reply:
WTS (Sell) • WTB (Buy) • WTT (Trade)

2. Questions and negotiations should be done in PMs

3. Update listing as needed and delete it when you’re done


Let me start, PM ingame or message me on forum:

WTB QL 300 Viral Targeting Subunit -

In the market for ~250ish Combined armor, mainly Commando

Price check on Pioneer Backpack! Looking to finally obtain one.

No longer need
WTB ql 200 Mantis Armor or the parts to make (minus boots and helm)

WTB QL ~200 BASE Xan NCU x6 25b or 4b ea - With quick sale or tips on who to contact i’ll pay up to 40b for a set

WTB QL 101ish (+3) Nova Dillon Boots, Pants, Gloves

WTB Lower QL Miy’s Cloak (Miy’s Nano preferred)


Lootrights for Sector 7 Shotgun

PM with price

WTB LR for Exterminator Ocular Enhancement ql 290+


Price check on Pioneer Backpack! Looking to finally obtain one.


I doubt anyone actually replies to people from this thread…

WTB a QL140-160 css set or WTT a ql 225 cc set (legs are 228) for a QL 140-160 css set PM me.

Really feel like there would be a lot more interest if this was its own forum like it used to be as opposed to a single thread containing all buying/selling posts. Also really easy to overlook a thread called FMI.


For the amount of traffic on the thread it’s not worth the housekeeping of setting up a separate forum at this time. To help people locate the thread the initialism is expanded in the title, the #marketplace tag has been set, and this is the top pinned thread of the main forum. Let me know if there’s anything else you can think of to help other players on the forum!

I would only recommend considering that people may not be using the thread because of the reasons I mentioned. However, you have the analytics. Not sure how many free users there are but I would imagine your target would be every one of them. However, the decision was made to not give free accounts access to the in game marketplace so one could argue it odd that even this thread exists. Not complaining just an observation.

Hello, I really think you should consider making a pyramidal thread structure for the Marketplace on forums in order to be easily readable and intuitive for all players who want to use (both old and new). I recall old forums having dedicated threads for all servers (RK1,2,3).
I personally don’t use the current form because I consider it chaotic and counter-intuitive.

My proposal would be like this:

  • Create Forum Market Interface as a main category under Anarchy Online (same as General Discussion)
  • Create 2 subcategories: WTB (want to buy) and WTS (want to sell). Would be nice to have a 3rd for WTT (want to trade) but I consider it an overkill at this point
  • Advertise it for all forum users and in game, encouraging players to use it (maybe add some cool tagging features - I’m pretty sure it’s possible)

This whole process won’t take more that several hours to do and it would really be useful

P.S. I also remember there was a way of actually scripting a list of items with references (direct links) directly from game. Maybe auno is not the main item resource anymore and could be used instead. Not sure it was something official or using some in-game bot.

Best Regards,


This is for trading and selling. Could you please make a new topic for these discussions.

You’re discouraging people from using it.



No way to create a separate thread for blitzing services? Ouch. Painful. I won’t even bother trying.

Less really isn’t more, no matter what some people say. Please invest a few minutes of code time to building a real market section of the forums. Then advertise it in game chat occasionally.

You can make a thread if you want to run it. Please keep posts here on topic. Thank you.