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FMI Thread Rules

1. Please use the following tags in your reply:
WTS (Sell) • WTB (Buy) • WTT (Trade)

2. Questions and negotiations should be done in PMs

3. Update listing as needed and delete it when you’re done


Let me start, PM ingame or message me on forum:

WTB QL 300 Viral Targeting Subunit -


In the market for ~250ish Combined armor, mainly Commando


Price check on Pioneer Backpack! Looking to finally obtain one.


WTB ql 200 Mantis Armor or the parts to make (minus boots and helm)


WTB QL ~200 BASE Xan NCU x6 25b or 4b ea - With quick sale or tips on who to contact i’ll pay up to 40b for a set


WTB QL 101ish (+3) Nova Dillon Boots, Pants, Gloves

WTB Lower QL Miy’s Cloak (Miy’s Nano preferred)



Lootrights for Sector 7 Shotgun

PM with price


WTB LR for Exterminator Ocular Enhancement ql 290+