RK5 Omni-Tek Outfitters

RK5 Omni-Tek Outfitters

Omni-Tek Protects! Access to basic buffing and armor should be readily available to all citizens and so the OTO is there for you!

All services list below are provided completely free unless noted otherwise. Ruki-ka is a dangerous place to go alone, be sure to be equipped by Omni-Tek Outfitters and ready for anything.

Goods Available

QL Weapons Type Price
1-200 Arctic Metaplast Mace [AI Req] 1h Blunt Free!
1-200 Bio-Energy Shield [AI Req] Melee Energy Free!
24-200 Bladestaff 2h Edged [Buff] Free!
105 Crispy Chiroptera 1h Edged Free!
1-200 Fantaghiro BBI-Viral [AI Req] MG / SMG Free!
1-181 Fiddle Rifle Rifle Free!
105 Hungry Howlet 2h Blunt Free!
1-200 Mausser Chemical Streamer MG / SMG Free!
1-200 MTI SL70 Razorback Rifle [AI Req] Rifle Free!
200 Longshot Rifle Free!
105 Pained Panther 2h Edged Free!
50 Pump Master Shotgun Free!
200 Skawt's Plasma Emitter Ranged Energy Free!
70-200 Tripler 1h Edged [Buff] Free!
1-200 Variable Density Tanto [AI Req] Piercing Free!
QL Gear Slot Price
80 All-Match Augmented Bow Tie [Parts] Neck Free!
100 Anillo Casero de la Cripta Finger Free!
110 Blackshirt of Zuwadza Chest Free!
100 Bracer of Recondite Flames Wrist Free!
100 Brother's Brass Knuckles Hands Free!
180 Ceremonial Chief's Headwear Head Free!
100 Collar Casero de la Cripta Neck Free!
150 Cyborg C.O. Wrist Computer Wrist Free!
200 Frederickson's Kinetic Sleeves Arm Free!
200 De-Hacked Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves Arm Free!
100 Gamboling Master's Wear Back Free!
- Gift of the Old Gargantula
Adding 18/20/22/24/25/26/28 Sense
Head Free!
1 Grasping Ring Finger Free!
100 Hood of Wicked Inspiration Head Free!
200 Kaehler Uniform Sleeves Arm Free!
1 Neck Eye Neck Free!
- Neural Interpreting Nball - Melee fighting
Adding 19/20/21/22/23/24/26/27/28 Skill
Shoulder Free!
140 Notum Threaded Backpack Back Free!
80 OT Standard Executive Secretary Suit [Parts] Back Free!
200 Personalized Basic Robot Brain Shoulder Free!
100 Sacrificial Ensigns of Cerubin Neck,Shoulder,Wrist Free!
100 Sandy Piece of Goo Wrist Free!
165 Shades of Lucubration Head Free!
100 Shapeshifter's Vest Chest Free!
100 Stalker Helmet Head Free!
80 Standard Clans Administration Suit [Parts] Back Free!
110 Stinging Snake Tattoo Arm Free!
80 Universal Office Worker Suit [Parts] Back Free!
100 Veil of the Revoked Back Free!
QL Nanos For Price
159 Nano Crystal (Team Beacon Warp) Engineer Free!
195 Nano Crystal (Candycane) Nano-Technician Free!
QL Armor Slot Price
10-200 Apocalypse Leather Armor Any Leather Armor
1-200 Barter Armor Any Nano Armor
1-200 Carbonum Armor Any Free!
1-200 CAS Symbiotic Armor Any Organic / Graft Armor
75 Crawler Armor Any Free!
1-200 Omni Carbonum Armor Any Free!
25-200 Omni-Tek Steel-Ribbed Armor Any Steel-Ribbed Armor
75-150 Prowler Armor Any 5m Per
1-200 Storm Carbonum Armor Any Free!
QL Gadgets Effect Price
1 Extruder, The Item Free!
100 Miyashiro Superior Enhanced Coffee Machine Item & Buff Free!
QL Grafts Locks Price
200 Enhanced Senses BM Free!
200 Feet of Stone MC Free!
200 Glowing Retribution MM Free!
200 Hasty Augmentation Cloud SI Free!
200 Lesser Deflection Shield (Extended) TS Free!
200 Lesser Paralyze with Indecision PM Free!
200 Lesser Playful Cub BM Free!
200 Tutoring Expertise PM Free!
QL Utilities Slot Price
100 Advanced Scent Sensor Hud 2 Free!
1-200 Aggression Multiplier (Jealousy Augmented) Util 3 Free!
100 Bundle of Twisting Nerves Deck 2-6 Free!
125 Dantian Belt of Life, The Deck Free!
100 Focus-Funneling Device Hud 2 Free!
1-200 Implant Disassembly Clinic Utils 2 Free!
1-200 Treatment Library Utils 2 Free!
1-200 Treatment and Pharmacy Library Utils 2 Free!
QL Service Towers Buff Price
75 Inactive Android Service Tower Drone Shield 1M each
150 Inactive Semi-Sentient Service Tower Drone Shield 3M each
225 Inactive Cyborg Service Tower Drone Shield 5M each
QL Arul Saba Bracers Lvl Req. Price
80 Bracelet of Arul Saba (1 Lesser Gem) lvl 60 Free!
80 Bracelet of Arul Saba (1 Gem) lvl 100 50M each
110 Bracelet of Arul Saba (2 Gem) lvl 150 100M each
130 Bracelet of Arul Saba (3 Gem) lvl 185 300M each
165 Bracelet of Arul Saba (4 Gem) lvl 202 400M each
200 Bracelet of Arul Saba (5 Gem) lvl 215 500M each

Shadowlands Nano Services

Need a nano and don’t have the garden key yet? Don’t worry! Just let us know the nano you are after and we’ll pick it up for you free of change from Elyisum to Pandemonium.

Tips are of course appreciated for this service but not required.

Implant Creation Services

We are also happy to announce our free Implant Creation service, any implants at ql200 or less. Simply go to https://aosetups.com/ to design your desired implants and send us the link. We’ll create your implants and send them to you in the mail.

Save yourself the headache, get your implants made with care!

Contact Details

Preferred method of contact is on discord as KelticDanor#2371 or on the AO discord but feel free to message me here on the forum or ingame on Kaeltias.

Note that sadly I am not always online and available but I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.


hey hey :blush:

I’d be interested in the +29 Melee Nball :slight_smile: It’s listed for free, but I’d gladly pay you for it too if you change your mind :heart:

Still going btw. :sunglasses:

For a limited time of forever, lvl60 req Arul Saba are now free!

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It’s been a while since I posted that there were any updates to this thread but there has been a few items added and might be worth another look!

ql1 Grasping Ring Free! (View Item)
ql1 Neck Eye Free! (View Item)
ql100 Sandy Piece of Goo Free! (View Item)
ql100 Stalker Helmet Free! (View Item)
ql125 The Dantian Belt of Life Free! (View Item)
ql140 Notum Threaded Backpack Free! (View Item)
ql180 Ceremonial Chief's Headwear Free! (View Item)
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The list has been updated a bit and put a few new items and services in the mix. Hopefully the new layout makes it easier to find helpful items! :smile: