Subscription Offer Rubika vs Rubika 2019

There is a Special Offer available now when I login to my AO Account - Registration & Subscription page. Ingame when I open up the Item Shop there is a splash screen saying a subscription offer is available to claim Now on Rubika2019 and available on Friday on Rubika.

Offer includes Frontline Surveyor Armor set, some nano cans, a Phasefront Solairis and pioneer bkpk.

What do the two dates of availability mean? If I renew today do I have access to items today if I log into RK2019 and also available to claim on RK on Friday … with one renewal of one account?

Are these items available across the whole account for both servers? Where can I see the attributes of either? How long is this offer available?

Should we expect a Funcom email announcing this offer?


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As someone who just came back to AO last month and subbed two accounts for 12 months I am kind of bummed there was no announcement leading up to this offer. I would have paid 1 month subs and waited and spent the $200 this month instead to get these goodies.

I think it would be really awesome/logical if these rewards were also given to any existing accounts with active 12 month subscriptions. Am I being selfish(of course) or does anyone else feel this would be fair to existing loyal customers?


Well the Surveyor Armor in the subscription offer only levels to 25, it does not go further like previous leveling armor offered in past subscription offers. The Robust backpack is apparently not working yet, it does not spawn in your inventory when you start a toon on RK2019 like the other items. The items (minus RBP) spawn on a 2nd toon, so I am guessing it is account wide … however, nothing appears in RK item shop to claim so far so assuming it will be there on Friday.

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thanks for the info Emma, good to know. I still want the armor as SOCIAL armor. =p

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I doubt Surveyor Armor isn’t going beyond Ql 25. Its an official offer for paid subscribers who sub for 12 more month. that would make no sense.
And its no rubust Backpack, its a Pioneer Backpack which leads me to the Question will the most expensive Item in AO be worthless soon?

Hi, It actually does stop leveling at ql 25. I renewed one of my accounts for 12 months so I could see what the items specs were. It says right on the Funcom description of the armor when you click on it to see what it buffs … that it does not go beyond 25.


Do you all think the armor is worth getting?

I renewed my 1-year sub a few weeks ago. I’d pay for an extra month to use the offer, but another 12 months with 11 months still remaining seems a bit much :innocent:

saavick, did u watch the stream from today? andy implied you might be eligible for the promo content if you have a recent 12 month sub and to submit a petition, he said its no guaranteed but they look at that kind of stuff on a case b y case basis. i submitted a ticket myself, worth a shot. if anyone deserves the content, it’d be contributing community members like you lol.

Yeah I did and sent a petition :blush: I’m not sure if early february counts as recent enough, I believe Andy mentioned a day before the offer as an example. Let’s see how it goes. :slight_smile:

It’s Friday night and I still didn’t get my pioneer on RK. I got it on RK2019 already to. Anyone know if this was 1 pioneer backpack account wide or we should get 1 per server?

The renewal items for the live server are found by opening the “shopping cart” on the right side of your screen and then selecting “pending rewards” … not the item store.


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Yeah actually I could’nt see it because I was using Dovve’s custom GUI. Someone pointed that out on the forum. Once used the default AO skin, I was able to claim my stuff.

Thank you!

There is a update on that GUI that fixes the problem :slight_smile:
heres the link with the core update

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Oh! Awesome Radiant2, thank you for sharing this! :grin:

No problem :slight_smile: happy to help out :slight_smile:

Is the phasefront an actual yalm or a spell like the store bought ones?

These kind of issues make me wait before signing right up!

If only the devs could understand that penalizing early adopters is a bad idea.

Edited note: It’s not the devs, but the bean counters, I hope.

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