AO 19th Anniversary

While I’m pleased there actually IS going to be a celebration with some new content in TOTW…sheesh, Funcom, don’t you think announcing the EVENT the DAY BEFORE it STARTS is a bit LAME?!

It was announced officially last Friday, although it wasn’t posted on the forum. I apologize for the confusion.

Are we able to claim the subscription armor on RK2019 as well?

Should be the case, yeah.

The sub reward is only on one char like last time?

from the announcement:

“Items from this offer may be claimed on each character on your account.”

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the xp cans can be claimed on just one char. the armor on every char.

All toons on the account get the xp cans. As I claimed on my accounts, each toon received 4 exp cans, the armor and any item they had not already received in previous bonus offers (the pioneer backpack, and other buffing cans).