21 Year Anniversary Offer Not Giving Cyberassassin Armor

Last year I purchased one year of game time and got the preserved colonist armor bundle no problem. This year I purchased another year of game time, but when I go to claim my rewards from Pending Rewards I get the preserved colonist armor and two sets of xp cans but not this year’s armor offer. I was able to claim the armor on one character on my account without problem.

Hello @Tyshalob ,

please make a Ticket (cklick here) so maybe a GM can help you.


I have experienced a similar issue, I just tried to claim the “account wide” armour set on a second character and only received the nano cans. I will also submit a ticket, but it appears that there are fundamental issues with how this has been implemented.


According to Community Manager @AndyB on discord:

If you had trouble with the offer and weren’t receiving the outfit on other characters on your account, the issue should now be resolved across the board. If you bought the offer today and haven’t gotten it on a different character yet, please try relogging completely (i.e. completely exiting the game client and starting it back up again, logging in, etc) and then give that a shot. Please let me know if the issue persists. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully this helps :blush:

Hi Melcom! :slight_smile:
Hi All!

I still got this Problem…Petition and Support-Ticket .

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