Bought 1y sub today, no zenith armor

Does this armor show up like the lux armor in claims? They said today, 7/12/2020 was the last day to purchase this.

Did you specially purchase using the Special Offers tab in the account page? If you just “reactivated” then it will count as just a normal subscription, and not include the special offer armour.

Yeah I made sure I clicked on the special offer.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think it spawns in your inventory when you close the daily claims window?

If you go into your account page and review your Payment History, it will show if your purchase included the armor: 12 month subscription with bonus
And, as Saavick observed, the vacuum packed armor should spawn in your inventory.
Hope it works out!

Hi there

I have done that

But the armor still isnt in my inventory. I’ve logged a call with AO and nothing yet, its been more than a month now …

Usually u can claim those armors in the claim section of the AO ingame shop.

There is also a pending rewards button under the shop. If you are running any skins like dovvetech, you need to upgrade to see it. Sometimes you need to click the button twice for some reason. Finally there need to be enough space in your inventory for all the items.