Confused about what the Membership Rewards are if I Resub for one year

I see this…

Bonus items include:

Frontline Surveyor Armor
Pioneer Backpack
14 day friend code
XP/Comp Lit/Attribute/Treatment Nano Cans
Limited Edition Phasefront - Solairis EX

Is this “in addition to” The Funcom Points, Uriel Blades Etc Etc… or is that the “offer”??

I have had many aske me and I havn’t an answer and I image customer service is Swamped with billing “issues”

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Wondering this myself. I would assume you get the years worth of points but waiting for an answer.

You get exactly what’s there and nothing more. No FC points nor Uriel blades.

this, I confirm there is no extra funcom points or ‘regular’ 12 month sub bonus.

I don’t see much “offer” there at all… No leveling armor, No uriel blades, No points, Not much at all except for a backpack that I can borrow nearly at will… I guess I’ll wait for a “Real” offer Soon ™. Thank you to all that took the time to reply,


The Uriel blades aren’t part of either offer; they are the claimable rewards that replace veteran points and are based on the number of days your account is paid for. I would expect them to still be claimable on the live server (not RK 2019, since it’s specifically disabled in the item shop there).
Maybe someone can confirm this?

If you purchase the special offer, you’ll still receive credit towards membership rewards. Please keep in mind that some rewards are restricted and won’t be available on Rubi-Ka 2019, though.

Funcom Points aren’t included in the special offer, as you’re receiving bonus items instead. If you would prefer to just receive Funcom Points, you can buy standard membership instead of the special. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is the Phasefront a yalm? and what are the stats on the Frontline Armor? Am wondering if these items are worth it or to go for regular FC points.

Phasefront is a brand like General Motors/Porsche/Toyota. The first reward is a hover-board. Marginally useful (IMO). Later on the hoverbike is an actual Flying vehicle. It’s easier to get knocked down in then a Yalm but does let you fly high over mobs that can one-shot you when you’re on the way to a mission or raid.

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Oh yeah! C’mon payday… NMX wants to roll Teh Shade!!

Thank you Rooibos,


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Does anyone know where you find your 14 day friend codes? as i’ havent received any emails, i’ve put a ticket in at support, heard nothing back, and there is nothing on my account page in regards to the codes

Just wait till anniversary for a better offer… If the armor in this set stops at 25 as I’ve heard it’s trash.