March 7th Hot Fix Still no renewal items to claim

patch notes from today: GENERAL
•March 2019 Subscription Offer rewards may now be claimed on Live (RK5)
•Claims should no longer require changing zones to appear

renewed one acct 12 months yesterday - renewal posted
I logged my rk2019 toon after patch today and still no Pioneer back pack.

renewed another acct 1 month this morning - renewal posted
I logged my rk5 toon after patch today and nothing at all not even the nano cans.

When will the renewal items work on both servers and when will pioneer backpack spawn for rk2019 and be claimable for rk5?

It does not appear rk2019 allows for claiming, only purchasing or reward spawning.


I’d like to know too.

March 08, 2019

•Pioneer Backpack from special offer may now be claimed.
•Level Cap on Rubi-Ka 2019 increased to 20.

This is not correct! The special renewal items including the Pioneer Backpack ARE NOT Claimable on Rubika - Live - RK5 as of this morning’s patch.


I re-checked rk2019 and if you zone with existing 2019 toon the pioneer bkpk spawns as sealed nodrop. Click and click yes to use and it becomes personalized nodrop.

Went back to RK-live and zoned many times and Nothing in Item Shop to claim current renewal rewards, nothing in Mail, Nothing anywhere.

new edit:
I tried another toon on RK-Live … happened by accident to pick a toon that still had the “shopping cart” in the right-hand command menu …
If you still have the shopping cart it brings up three choices Now including “pending rewards” … click on pending rewards and you will get a "received x # of rewards in chat … Make Sure you have that many free spots in Inventory and then Zone. Your Renewal reward items should spawn in your inventory. Newly spawned toon on RK2019 needed to zone to the interior training area between bkyd and Newland City.


Personalized Pioneer Backpack
Rarity: Exotic
Quality level: 1

On Self:
Adventuring from 6

Location: Back
On User:
Modify First Aid 15
Modify Tutoring 150
Modify Run Speed 25
Modify Strength 1
Modify Agility 1
Modify Stamina 1
Modify Intelligence 1
Modify Sense 1
Modify Psychic 1
Modify % Add. Xp 2

This backpack was part of the startup equipment that was given to early settlers on Rubi Ka. Your name is even written on the tag! It runs advanced augmentations, and the Elotat vacuum space compression technology is superior to what is used on most modern backpacks, also in cost.

“I re-checked rk2019 and if you zone with existing 2019 toon the pioneer bkpk spawns as sealed nodrop. Click and click yes to use and it becomes personalized nodrop.”

Woot,they clearly said they wont be reverting code , they should give a list to the people right now what else there will be reverted / changed.

In Funcom’s defense this was probably the only way to make it nodrop without making the original ones folks have also nodrop. If they didn’t make these fresh ones nodrop then the spawning in a new toon’s inventory could become a problem if they could be traded. They had a similar problem with xp-drinks in the past.


Latest Patch did fix RK-Live after-all … see edit of OP & my 2nd post … Emma

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