How to "claim" renewal items including personal pioneer backpack on Live - RK server

I re-checked rk2019 and if you zone with existing 2019 toon the pioneer bkpk spawns as sealed nodrop. Click and click yes to use and it becomes personalized nodrop.

Went back to RK-live and zoned many times and Nothing in Item Shop to claim current renewal rewards, nothing in Mail, Nothing anywhere.


I tried another toon on RK-Live … happened by accident to pick a toon that still had the “shopping cart” in the right-hand command menu …
If you still have the shopping cart it brings up three choices Now including “pending rewards” … click on pending rewards and you will get a "received x # of rewards in chat … Make Sure you have that many free spots in Inventory and then Zone. Your Renewal reward items should spawn in your inventory. Newly spawned toon on RK2019 needed to zone to the interior training area between bkyd and Newland City.


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