Paid for subscription but can't get rewards

I just paid for a 1 year subscription and it has been processed (and is visible in my account)

However, i cant find the rewards like the armor set, the friends code, solairis ex etc.
I received keys in mail but i cant use them and get the following message :
Unable to find upgrade offer for this account. Please contact customer support …

Same happens when i click the upgrade in my account.

Can anyone tell me hoe to get the items?

For Ingame Items the Comand /claim should work

Game doesn recognise command.
“No chat command or script claim available”
Or do i have to type it elsewhere? Btw checked in game mail and mailbox also empty.

Some of them you get via the Cash shop in the “Claims” tab. When you claim something it gets mailed to you and you grab it at any in-game mail terminal. Like the lux armor set, luxury apartment key, and holiday freebies like the jet-pack, pets etc. You are not charged for them.

Thanks for the response. I checked the cash shop and there are indeed some items i can claim at because of 360 days. membership, but unfortunately, the frontline surveyorset, the 4 boosts, backpack and solairis, aren’t in the list. Not free and not even as paid items.

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Here a small update:
It looks like the items are only rewarded when you play the 2019 server, something that i (and looking at the low amount of players there, most other players) really don’t want too. It’s boring, almost deserted (compared to the normal server) and has rediculous lagspikes up to 10 seconds.

Guess it’s just another waste of money.