MAJOR PROTIP for people having trouble claiming the promo rewards (it might be your custom GUI!)

If you purchased any subscription with the Frontline armor promo items and cannot claim them/can’t find them and are using a custom GUI, log out, switch to the default GUI, and go back in game. click on the shopping cart (store) icon and it has three options, click the one called “Pending Rewards”. You will get a chat message “X items claimed”(7 for me). You will then have to zone somewhere to get them to show up in your inventory. custom GUI like dovvetech(what I use) does not have a button for Pending Rewards(that I can find). This has worked for me on both rk2019 and the live server. hope this helps anyone who is having trouble claiming their rewards.

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Dovvetech has been updated to be able to claim these promo items, thanks Radiant2 for pointing it out in other thread!

There is an option in keybinds for Daily rewards that’s not bound. Just pick a key and bind it, problem solved.