Unofficial server rubberbanding and NPC teleporting

Ever since the Halloween patch, I have been unable to find an unofficial server that does not have badly rubberbanding thralls and creatures. Official servers seem to be immune to this. When you are fighting higher level thralls or creatures it’s a death sentence. Has anyone else noticed this? Are there any plans to fix it? You approach an enemy NPC and all you see is them stationary with their feet moving and then they teleport from wherever they are to right next to you or behind you and they are savaging your character. On official servers I haven’t noticed this at all. I enjoy the settings on Unofficial servers so I’m really hoping this is a fix in the works. Am I crazy or has anyone else experienced this?

All servers need periodic reboots. To my knowledge officials reboot at least once a day. That would seem why they appear immune.

The server I play on currently reboots once every 3 days. On the third day I see the issue you are describing which disappears for about 2 days after the reboot.

One of the private server admins I played with did a check on the status of a server that was stuttering/ rubberbanding and before the reboot they were showing as using 16 of the 4 GB they were assigned to on the network. So it is all about rebooting so they can clear ram.

If I ever decide to rent a server it will be set to daily reboots. There is just no logic to putting it off.

Official servers get daily reboots I haven’t seen your problem at all

Well I’m playing on an official server pve

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