Unplayable! Right hand does not equip!

Game mode: Online PvP
Problem: Critical Bug
Region: #3835

I cannot equip my right hand. I can equip a shield in the left hand, but that is it. I tried in on PvE-C and PvE and those servers worked. It is not working on #3835!

This last patch made the game unplayable in online PvP.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Login to #3835
  2. Press L1 and a select weapon from from the dial
  3. Note it activates but does not equip!
  4. Unplayable, so whine and cry until the next patch

As noted in the other thread: I tried axes, swords, torches, pick…

I tried a bow and waited a bit, and it seemed to reset itself, as I tried the axe again aftererwords and it equipped.

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