Unplayable: Stuck inside my own base/invisible barriers?


Playing on a private gportal server with only one other player.

I’m a fairly new player and originally encountered this problem on another server, this is why we spent more money to get our own, but here it is happening again and making the game unplayable.

Currently I’m having great difficulty simply entering or leaving my own base as I seem to bounce off invisible barriers everywhere or stick to surfaces like glue.

I can’t walk down or up stairs, jump down walls, or even walk in a straight line.

It’s nothing to do with the complexity of the base, it was fairly simple to start out with and seems to be occurring at all of our bases on the map.

This problem was not happening when we first started playing and didn’t occur at all during our first 2 base builds.

The only links I can possibly make to the previous time this occurred was the location of one of our base builds and that I think on both occasions it started shortly before our third purge, but I’m not sure about that.

Perhaps there is a trigger or perhaps not. Currently it is very hard to play the game. There are still loads of game bugs since the last update but this is the most severe.

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Do other player on the private server having this issue as well?
Do the server restart daily?


Yeah the other player has the same issue. We reset our server today and are hoping to see an improvement…

Server restart seems to have solved it… or maybe coincidence. Just the other 99 bugs now I guess…

Daily server restarts are recommended.

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