Base/UI not loading on official

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We are playing the game, coming back to our base and it’s gone. Well, it is still here, you run into invisible walls and see the thralls standing on thin air. Can’t open doors, can’t bring stuff in security, can’t play the game. Can’t even press Escape and quit the game.

Happens the second time to us now in one week, trying to relog into the game since 5 hours. Funny thing is, we can still see other players bases correct, but all of our stuff is bugged out.

Since it happens to three different peoples it must be a game/server issue.

Anybody knows why this is happening and how to fix it? Game is unplayble. I tried to logging back in to fix it and it took 10 minutes to load the game, base still missing, ui still missing, can’t move and watching a enemy player killing me, looting me and not be able to do anything about it…

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@Phex I think I saw something similar said after latest patch. Will link if I find it.

Also, for those that will be able to help, you may want to describe what server are you playing on:

  • official/private
  • if private, are there mods and which ones?

As for mods: it could be that all mods are not updated yet (only few days after patch) and that could be causing the problem (could be something else)

It is an offical PvP Server, so no Mods.

Right now i can watch how someone is killing my thralls through my non exisiting walls and can’t do anything.

And now i can see them playing explosive where my gates are and still have no toolbar or can interact with anything…

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Thanks Game…

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