Unrecoverable freezes

Game mode: [Singleplayer offline]
Problem: [Crash\Performance]
Region: [US copy]

As my game has increased in duration and bases\inventory has increased, I’ve encountered ever increasing freezes when open my inventory or chests\stations. These range from a couple of seconds up to 20 seconds. Almost always, these recover.

What has also increased, to near hourly now, has been freezes that lock the game and do not recover. Most commonly this is after opening a chest or station, finishing what I was doing, closing the interface and starting to move my character to another location. Very occasionally it has happen while idling and once while bringing up the game menu.

I’ve let the freeze sit for nearly 20 minutes once. Even then it did not recover. I have to close the application from the ps4 home screen. Sometimes it closes cleanly sometimes it crashes with code CE-34878-0.

Couple this increasinglycommon issue with server settings not being maintained between sessions, and the frustration level is high.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I’ve had similar issues, except mine goes a little beyond. When the game crashes and gives me an error code, to my delight I log in and get the joy of seeing my character spawned in the desert, apparently died from something. Body is not on the map so lucky me I loose all my stuff, this coupled with the fact that every time I log in now the large chests full of stuff I recently built last log-in for storage (I’m building up a base, so I use these chests to stockpile) have disappeared…again loosing the work I put in. This happened not once, but twice! I called PlayStation support for a full refund and surprise surprise they won’t do it, because I have too many achievements and played the game! I’m furious!!! I paid $50 for a full damn game not a damn beta key!!!

I get the same freezes when I approach the door of my house, not base, it’s a small-ish house. And it gets worse, with crashing to desktop or having to restart when I hover the cursor over the large chests to quick check the contents.

It happened to me a couple times, the last one when I was trying to get my weapons to work.

i get the same error ce34878-0

Issue continues on v1.08. Latest time standing idle but chest quick view was up from how camera was facing. Had been idle a couple of minutes after putting an item in a chest.