Unspoken Cage (Isle of Siptah) Lightly Modded PVP/PVE

We have a 30 slot server that offers both PVP and PVE Gameplay. Relaxed community
We are currently running 8 mods. Mod list is subject to change over time, however currently we are just enjoying getting to know the new map and gameplay.

Direct Link is

You do not drop items on death, however every time you die you will loose 25% of your durability on Armor and Weapons. After level 10 you will also gain 25% Corruption every time you die. There is a kit to help daily with corruption, also there are dancers in the north.

We use a rank system on the server. You can either play PVP, or PVE. You can change your rank weekly. This will help those who don’t always live on the server to still be able to participate in PVP if they choose to. We run PVP time on the weekends.

Mod List
-Emberlight Lament
-No Building Placement Restrictions
-Improved Bodies 2 Caveman
-Immersive Armors
-Hosav’s UI Moddification
-Shameless & Shy

You can join our discord with the code 6EJj5jG