Update 41 - Server browser not populating and "character lost" issues - Feedback thread

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That’s not what “Windows 7 support” means. Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 never covered problems in third-party software that weren’t somehow caused by Windows 7 updates.

In fact, the EOL announcement means that you will get no more updates for Windows 7 from Microsoft, which means that if you use Windows 7 you can be reasonably certain that this problem was not caused by Microsoft.


so far so good for me after 1st few minutes no crashing

Just finish the new update: server list appears but because ping is “???” for each server it do not let you connect to any server because ping too high :roll_eyes:

Game does not hang up for me longer than 2 min before client hangs forever and I have to crash it with task manager.

(This is after the later update today)

Seriously the game has been bumped back to Pre-alpha stage.

Hey all,
We have pushed out a partial fix for the server list so you should now see them populate once more. Investigation is ongoing though as there are some known issues that we’ll get an update out for as soon as possible:

  • Ping for several servers may appear as “???” and can’t be connected to
  • The “favorites” list is not working as intended
  • Last connection is no longer at the top of the list
  • Server browser list may take longer to populate than normal

We are also continuing work and investigation on the lost character issue. Once these are resolved, another update will be available and announced. Thank you again for your feedback and patience!


Ah, so this must be the update I just downloaded thinking I was getting the original Update 41.

but you still cannot connect. Because all official servers are returning players ? and ping ?? so when attempting to connect you get - Your ping is too high. What is the ping? We don’t know. but you cannot connect. I am perplexed what happened between testing and release?

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thanks for fixes, was playing on private server and character is gone, is there a way to fix that also? dont think that making it manually for everyone is a good choice. Is tehre a way to reset the server statuses before the update came out? that way noone would loose anything

Is this really a fix? All it does is showing me servers that I can’t connect to? I expected a hotfix where I actually can play the game, not sitting and enjoying a server-list.


Minimum equipment:
64-bit processor and operating system required
Operating System: Windows 7 64 Bit

We’re looking and investigating this still as wel.


While I understand this, the fact is the Win 7 is a 10 year old OS that has reached EOL. Continuing to run an EOL product is a choice.

How do we get back our characters?!!
If I create new one, does all of the buldings I’ve made with the previous are lost ?

its better not to create new ones i think, just wait for the solution, we can manage without game one evening

I didn’t, i’m just expecting an official answer to this problem from the team, as they didn’t mention this ins the updates we had so far…

As I explained, the EOL has nothing to do with this. Please stop spreading misinformation. This thread doesn’t need a lower signal-to-noise ratio.


I don’t mind to have to wait for the fix, but please do not release “partial” fixes of Gb of data… in some undervelopped countries like here in Italy we still have a 20 Mb internet connection, I appreciate you’re working on it, but release the patch when you think it will work, please :wink:


Same here. Why am I always the “some” in Some players may still experience total !#@#

hi nicole, sorry i m not sure to understand, some of your community is able to play and some other not… if i understand well ?

i am a window 7 user, and not even able to launch the game
and i play pvp official where everyday is battle, do you tell me that my enemy can destroy me now ? and that i will not even be able to defend ?

what about decay system, 2 years game play on an official server, will i lost all for a game supposed to work under windows 7 ?

please revert back to a working version previous to this patch, or put all in pause for pvp at least.