Update not updating in STEAM

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In STEAM, update download and install all appear to work, then when I press play - back to square one. Haven’t been able to play in a while now.

I do not know if I understand the problem completely, but try this steps:

  1. restart steam and see if download complets, being able to play.
  2. if 1) does not work restart computer, repeat step 1)

If you already tried all above, report back


Meo is on the best track with his advice. Unfortunately, PapaTeh, you did not give us much to work with.

What does this mean?
Has the game ever run for you?
Did you download as a result of file verification?



I have done all the basic tech stuff; since game isn’t launching I can’t shut it down but I have shut down my computer several times, cleared history and cookies, uninstalled and reinstalled, same issue, update of 44.4GB downloads, taking about an hour, it appears to install, but when I click on play, the update download starts all over again.

As to whether or not I have ever been able to play, the answer is yes.

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Back to square one would mean that I have to start all over again with the download.

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So, for some reason, the game “looks” installed, yet Steam thinks its not up to date.

What does you antivirus say about your game?
Recently Avira (and maybe others) we reporting false positives on some .dll files
This problem is widely discussed here.

Did you try making an exception to the game location?

Because if your antivirus would remove some game files it would trigger the exact situation that I see you have. Also the game could maybe be even launched but would not work propertly (when trying to utilize said missing files)

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I stopped my Total AV, and the update went thru, after it finished, I turned Total AV back on, and started the game - it stopped when the anti-virus found “grGranite.dll PUA/AD.CoinMiner.apdz” and stopped the game. So I guess that is what Avira was finding. Thank you. Up until this point, I wasn’t seeing the “virus”. Thank you.

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