Game Updates Every Time I Start Up Steam

So here’s been my life since Isle of Siptah has arrived. The First few days it was out I did not buy it. Then one day I opened steam and it showed an update for Conan, which was a 60G update. So I let that happen. 2 Days later when I opened up steam, another 60G update for Conan. Let that happen. Then at some point in the week when I opened up steam it wanted a 45G update. Let that happen, didn’t think much of it. Time goes by.

Then I bought Isle of Siptah cuz I wanted to try it out. I played it for several hours then logged off (this was Friday Oct. 2nd). The next night (Sat Oct 3rd.) when I got home from work I turned on my computer and opened steam, there was a 45G update. So I let that happen but I couldn’t play the game cuz it took 3 hours (with my average internet) to download and I had to go to bed for work before it would finish. Next night (Sun Oct 4th) I come home from work and opened steam, it wants to download another 45G download. Again took like 3-4 hours so I couldn’t play because I had to go to bed before it was finished, I just let it download while I slept and shut my computer down in the morning and went to work.

The next night (Mon Oct 5th) I came home and there wasn’t a download, so I was like sweet lets play, but when the game loaded in, it was just the original Conan Exiles with the red background and everything, and non of the official servers or any Isle of Siptah servers were available to play. I didn’t know what to do and tried searching for answers online and I basically just troubled shooted some ideas resulting in one of the basic steps, which is Verifying File Integrity. After it finished verifying the files it wanted to download another 60G download. So of course its off to bed to let that download.

Moving on to today, I just got home from work and turned on my computer and loaded up steam, to my surprise, no update. I thought a miracle happened so I clicked Play. It actually loaded Isle of Siptah instead of the original game. But when I clicked Online a message popped up saying it couldn’t log into steam servers. My basic instinct was to restart steam. Soon as I restarted steam it now wants to update another 45G download, which is currently downloading as I am typing this.

If anyone can figure out this phenomenon so I don’t have to keep updating 45/60G downloads every single day that would be great. I’m thinking of seeing if I completely uninstall the game and remove all files and traces of the game from the hardrive and let Steam reinstall it from scratch, that might work. Will probably try it tomorrow if it makes me update again.

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To get a few basics troubleshooting out of the way, do you have any mods installed?
Could you try completely uninstalling the game as you mentioned, and letting us know if that fixed your issue?
Also, do you have any AV software running in the background that could be blocking the installation of these files? Also make sure the installation directory has the correct permissions.
As a last general troubleshooting tip, make sure the drive where you have the game installed is correctly functioning and has no damaged/corrupted sectors that could explain why the game needs to keep getting updated every time.

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